Innovative Services and Applications in Computer Engineering and Telematics


Innosense is a PC (ΙΚΕ in greek) company that provides innovative technical solutions, studies and services in the domain of electronic engineering and computer engineering, focusing on network-centric systems. Its activities involve the human-centric analysis, design and implementation of network-centric information systems, spanning web information systems, web-services, RFID and sensor systems, IoT and telematic applications. The above systems target specific needs of the user community including but not restricted to the domains of telemedicine and healthcare, assisted and independent living, water and waste management. The quality of the provided services is guaranteed by the long terms expertise of Innosense staff: Postgraduate and doctorate studies in computer engineering and informatics and environmental engineering are balanced with professional qualifications  in project management, including technical project management. The above skills are only surpassed by an accumulated 20+ years of professional experience in both public and private sector. 

Our main characteristics can be summed in the following:

  • Excellent combination of academic, professional and business skills creating added value and bringing innovation
  • Strong background on the overlap of computer, electronic and environmental engineering
  • User-centric and problem-oriented interactive design 
  • High level of integrity and professional ethics