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A novel Pervasive Computing system for the remote end-to-end management of hazardous medicall waste.

Together with a small fleet of appropriately-modified vehicles for the safe carrying and and disposing off waste, it forms part of an integrated medical waste management solution that aleviates completely the burden of medical waste management from any health care unit. The Greenactions solution does not require any costly, proprietory infrastructure to be deployed at the healthcare units; containers of medical waste are monitored continually be means of RFID and inexpensive sensor techniologies, making this solution both appropriate and affordable even for developing countries. The full life-cycle of hospital waste, from the delivery of empty containers to the healthcare unit through to the their collection and subsequent disposal to the incineration or sterilization unit, is modelled in the system by means of high-level business rules.

September 2011 - December 2013

This project was carried out for Datamed