Innovative Services and Applications in Computer Engineering and Telematics


Smart Water is  a main part of our provided servicesThrough our expertise, we guarantee the reuse of wastewater in irrigation activities, gray water and within the actual production (i.e. industrial process).  We are both technology provider consulting services providers. In terms of ICT, we provide innovative technological solutions in the areas of sensor networks and pervasive computing systems along with collaborating information systems such as monitoring dashboards and smart components for activating irrigation; In terms of services, we provide consulting services pertaining to legal and administrative framework of waste management and environmental characterization of particular waste types, including solid and liquid waste.We have undertaken two projects in Greece.

In particular, Innosense specialists have considerable experience in the following areas of activities:

  • Water Infrastructure monitoring
  • Distributed Water Management monitoring and control
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Consulting Services

Water Infrastructure monitoring

In the course of the ALPINE project, Innosense staff were involved in the development of a wireless sensor network along the Mornos canal. The network was consisted of two stations, each comprising of several water quality sensors, detecting unusual events such as turbidity waves, indicating potential landslides. A database was designed to hold both low-level and high-level information about the network while event detection was implemented in SQL using stored procedures. A Dashboard, visualising real-time information, unusual events and maintenance events, was also developed in the scope of the project.

Distributed Water Management monitoring and control

In the course of the Hydropolis project, Innosense staff were involved in the development of a reactive, pervasive computing system in an autonomous home in Crete. The network that was implemented using Arduino and Raspberry Pi technology, consisted of a water quality station, a Smart irrigation station and several substations monitoring water flow.  An ontology framework comprising reactive rules for monitoring and controlling the stations,  was also developed in the scope of the project.

Smart Irrigation

In the course of the Hydropolis project, a precision irrigation station was developed using treated grey water.