Innovative Services and Applications in Computer Engineering and Telematics

What we do

Offered Services

Technical solutions, studies and services, as well as the development of applications in the domain of electronic engineering and computer engineering, are key Innosense activities. There is a specific focus on network-centric systems and distributed systems, often providing infrastructure for data management with support for mobile and personal computing elements, such as medical asset management, patient flow monitoring, telemedicine, environmental management etc. More specifically, Innosense technical services include but are not restricted to:

  • Integrated healthcare solutions, electronic patient records solutions, electronic prescription solutions, web services. 
  • Telemedicine and independent living solutions
  • Internet of Things, Sensors, RFID based solutions
  • Consulting services in sustainable development
  • Services and Applications related to Customer Relations Management, Enterprse Resource Planing Information systems.
  • Scalable stream processing solutions.
  • Web services, database systems, web interfaces